Evolve or Dissolve: THE CHOICE IS YOURS

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Evolve is to develop yourself graduallyand bring the desired change from within. A person’s life is all about evolving from the time of birth till the time it ends, or you can say from simple to more complex form.It is not meant to be in a situation, where you are not growing mentally, emotionallyand spiritually. Human being is an endless project, which has to evolve or else it will perish.

Anyone who has grown in life knows very well that growth is not found in comfort.One needs to be among the fittest for survival. The real warriors even go beyond surviving, to thriving andalsouplifting others in the process. Progress is impossible without the change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. The past is where You learn the lessons and future is where you apply them.

You are always presented with a choice. Either to evolve or dissolve. Here, dissolve does notmean to liquify, but to give up and breakdown. It implies to those, who refuse to recognize the importance of evolving. Change is the only constant in Life,but most people are satisfied with their Life remainas Constant without the need to bring much needed change, as it requires them to come out of their comfort zone.

In this journey called Life, there are different paths, circumstances, and events, where people come and go, you changeto a new jobor business, a new career or maybe a new place to live. Relationship changes from being a Child to become a Spouse and then Parent. Feelings also changes atdifferent momentswith sorrow, frustration, criticism to enjoyment, satisfaction, and appreciation.

When You Stop to Evolve, You Start to Dissolve.“EVOLVE EVERYDAY”

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