THE MAGIC BOND: Authenticity & Vulnerability

Authenticity simply means real in expressing yourself genuinely.

But does that mean being authentic is easy?

There is a big difference between being simple and being easy. Every simple thing is not easy. For example- Exercising daily is simple, but not easy. Eating healthy is simple but not easy. Similarly, being Authentic is also simple, but not easy.

It is a mental process and requires your efforts and self-discipline. It starts from analysing yourself and know more about your inner being to acting in ways to show your true self, rather than showing people only a particular side, that aligns with their thoughts and not yours. To succeed in being authentic, you must follow these simple steps-

  1. Take a moment to think about Yourself.
  2. Evaluate yourself from every aspect of life.
  3. Write or Speak only the truth.
  4. Keep your mind open to receive whatever comes.

As our desire for connection is so strong that we are afraid to reveal our innermost selves at the risk of being judged and rejected by others. The good thing is that we can choose to get through it. Any human connection, whether between family, friends, or business owners and customers is always more meaningful and rewarding when it is authentic.

Vulnerability, on the other hand is defined as a weakness or some area where you are exposed or at risk. It can be physical, economic, social, or environmental.

This gives a negative impact but is that true?

In my opinion, Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness and can be your greatest strength. It’s not about Winning or Losing but having the courage to face the real world. Everyone is vulnerable, no matter how much they avoid it, but it takes guts to accept it. It involves-

  1. Willing to expose your inner self.
  2. Express emotions freely and clearly.
  3. Learning from your mistakes.
  4. Say what you want to speak and not what others want to listen.

Being vulnerable in a relationship means allowing your partner to know your thoughts, feelings, weaknesses, and this is how true intimacy is achieved. If it is not from the heart, then it is nothing but deception.

Vulnerability is the source of Authenticity. For being Authentic, you need to become Vulnerable and that is what I call as the Magic Bond between Authenticity & Vulnerability.


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